When do I need to fertilize trees and shrubs?

Since most urban soil bears very little resemblance to the rich organic soils of the undisturbed forest floor, it’s important to supplement needed nutrients to maintain healthy plants. Liquid fertilizer applied with hydraulic pressure also aerates badly compacted soils.

When soil becomes compacted from walkways, driveways and even foot traffic, oxygen in the soil becomes void. Oxygen in soil is necessary to sustain the microorganisms that break down organic material and make it available to tree roots.

We suggest that tree and shrub fertilization be done every 18 months, alternating materials spring and fall. Spring fertilization has higher levels of nitrogen that enhance a plants foliage. Eighteen months later in the fall we use higher levels of phosphorus and potassium that enhance roots and flowers. Enhancing a plants root system with fertilizer makes it more drought tolerant and less apt to be subject to winter kill.

We feel that our 18 month schedule provides a conservative, well balanced approach for plant needs. Once you have contracted our fertilization program there is no need to call again we will come automatically when the time is right.

Fertilization visits are also and excellent time to have our trained arborist look at any potential problems with your trees and shrubs that we can make you aware of.