Matt Foti is considered by many to be the foremost authority on bare root transplanting where soil is excavated from the roots using compressed air. Matt has been working very hard over the past 5 years to develop this exciting new technology and share his findings with others.  » read more

Compost Tea

If you want to maintain a healthy landscape but are concerned about using chemical fertilizers consider using Compost Tea.

Compost Tea is freshly brewed, 100% organic, water based extract of compost and is a beneficial addition to any garden or landscape situation.

Read more about some of the benefits that plants derive from Compost Tea...

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Tree News

I have always compared this time of year to watching  ketchup pour from a brand-new bottle... Anticipation!

We know that spring will arrive but we are not sure exactly when.

I judge the beginning of spring by when I can dig the ground to start harvesting trees and shrubs. Mid-March is a good start, March 1st is even better, mid April is late. I need to dig deciduous plants prior to bud break which is around mid-May, so losing a full month of the digging throws a wrench in my already short harvesting season. Today is March 12th and I'm looking out the window at large snow banks which means late start and a hectic spring.

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New Tree Spade

We now have an 84" Vermeer truck-mounted tree spade to assist in your transplanting needs!


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